Seachem MultiTest Copper



  • Measures all types of copper to less than 0.01 mg/L
  • Multi-cavity plate for simultaneous testing of up to 6 tests at the same time
  • Includes reference for test validation
  • Marine or Freshwater

Seachem MultiTest Copper 75 Tests (SC-966)

MultiTest Copper provides over 75 high-accuracy tests and comes with multi-cavity test plate allowing multiple tests at one time, saving time and costs.

Copper kits are usually of two types: compleximetric or titration based. Some kits measure only ionic copper and others measure both ionic and chelated copper.

This kit uses a highly sensitive catalytic compleximetric based procedure to measure all types of copper to less than 0.01 mg/L in marine or freshwater.


  • Provides over 75 tests
  • Save time by conducting up to 6 tests simultaneously with multi-cavity plate
  • Marine or Freshwater

Color Chart

All MultiTest test kits come with an easy-to-read color chart. It features a 5 cm viewing window to help isolate color and match as closely as possible to the test sample.

copper test kit color chart

Opaque Multi-Cavity Test Plate

All MultiTest test kits are read from an opaque white test plate. The sliding color chart along with the six-cavity test plate allows for easy reading and comparisons of several samples at the same time.

test plate for multiple tests


The MultiTest Copper Kit package includes:

  • Copper Reagent 1
  • Copper Reagent 2
  • Copper Reference
  • Stir Rod
  • Sample Pipette
  • Copper Color Chart
  • Multi-Cavity Test Plate
  • Instructions