An unpleasant task for many aquarium owners is often the filter cleaning – in addition to changing the water, this is one of the most important and most frequent obligations. Cleaning‐ and replacement cycles for filter media, such as filter foams or active charcoal, depend on tank size and animal stock. Should it really become necessary to replace filter medium, OASE recommends that you undertake the replacement incrementally, for example first replace one of multiple filter foams, after two weeks replace the next one, and so on. The reason is that the biologically active microorganisms that have settled in the filter, settle in the filter media. If you replace everything all at once, the filter will not be completely active for several weeks, because regrowth of bacterial cultures takes some time.


BioPlus – corner internal filter

The BioPlus filters are practical internal filters for aquariums from 50 to 200 litres in size. The filters have a quiet energy-saving pump – there are no disturbing noises. Thanks to the EasyClean mechanism the compact filter taken out for cleaning without complications. To do this, the filter unit must be carefully pulled off of the pump unit (magnetic holder). Then the filter modules are simply separated from each other and the filter foams and filter fleece elements contained in the modules are rinsed under lukewarm water or they are replaced. The integrated diffuser nozzles ensure uniform surface movement and oxygen enrichment. In addition they prevent formation of biofilm. The filter is available with or without the HeatUp adjustable heater.

BioMaster – external filter

The BioMaster or BioMaster Thermo is an external filter for aquariums between 250 and 600 litres in size with high fish stock. It offers convenience for the most rigorous requirements. The BioMaster can not only be conveniently concealed in the aquarium base cabinet, it is also easy to clean. The prefilter can be completely removed – rinsed out and re-inserted – neat and clean thanks to the EasyClean prefilter module. The aquarium filter is available with or without the HeatUp adjustable heater. The BioMaster ensures discrete highly efficient filter technology outside of your aquarium!