Red Sea REEFER™ Peninsula G2+ 350 / 500

Red Sea


REEFER Peninsula G2+

The newly revamped line of room-divider reef-ready aquariums

The Popular-size Models: REEFER P350 / P500 G2+

The REEFER Peninsula 350 / 500 G2+ enable you to create intriguing reefscapes that will give any space a boost in style. To those of you who have always dreamed of a smaller Peninsula reef: congratulations! you can now make it happen! These popular models are ReefMat-ready and come with the ReefATO+ system.

REEFER P350/500 G2+





Main Features

Ultra clear front glass (mm)




Ultra clear side glass (mm)




Bottom glass




System Volumes

Display tank water volume (L)




In cabinet sump water volume (L)




Total system water volume (L)




System Dimensions

Display tank length (cm)




Display tank height (cm)




Display tank width (cm)




Total system height with cabinet (cm)




1. Rimless ultra-clear glassRimless ultra-clear glass img 0

REEFER P350/500 G2+ aquariums are rimless, and constructed from ultra-clear, beveled-edge glass with increased thickness of up to 15 mm or 0.6”.

2. Extra fortified plywood cabinetExtra fortified plywood cabinet  img 0

The marine-spec laminated cabinets follow the contour of the glass, and are now all fortified and made of plywood.

3. Dual return pump outletsDual return pump outlets img 0

All REEFER Peninsula G2+ models have dual return pump outlets, creating an even better water distribution.

4. Surface skimmer

Surface skimmer img 0

The piping is hidden inside a central overflow box, which has a large surface skimmer with removable comb parts, for easy cleaning.

5. Silent downflow system

Silent downflow system img 0

The enlarged rectangular inlet to the downflow pipe reduces turbulence, making it easier to regulate.

6. Hydrodynamically superior pipingHydrodynamically superior piping img 2Hydrodynamically superior piping img 0Hydrodynamically superior piping img 1

The hydrodynamically superior return piping ensures a powerful flow all the way to the end of the tank. The pipes are preformed with quick connectors at all joints (no gluing required). Bulkhead connectors suitable for both Metric and USA standard pipes can be purchased separately, allowing you to customize your sump piping.


7. High precision valve

High precision valve img 0

All models now have a new and improved high precision valve on the downflow pipe, allowing for easy regulation of the flow and a near silent operation.

8. Professional REEF-SPEC sumpProfessional REEF-SPEC sump img 0

The professional sump includes a removable mechanical filtration media compartment (with micron filters & filter cups), an optional refugium compartment, an adjustable height skimmer chamber for optimal skimmer performance, and a bubble trap to prevent air bubbles from returning to the aquarium.

9. ReefMat-ready (ReefMat is not included)

ReefMat-ready img 0

The easily removable mechanical filtration compartment allows for a quick Plug & Play installation of the ReefMat 500/1200.

10. ReefATO+

ReefATO+ img 1ReefATO+ img 0

All REEFER Peninsula G2+ models come with the state-of-the-art ReefATO+, which keeps your water volume and salinity stable, and includes an accurate temperature monitor as well as a highly sensitive leak detector. *Reservoir not included.

11. Chiller & hardware chamberChiller & hardware chamber  img 0

All REEFER Peninsula G2+ models come with an additional chamber that can be used for a chiller, controllers and other equipment.