Neptunian Cube M-Pro 90

Neptunian Cube


Neptunian Cube M-Pro 90

The Neptunian Cube M-Pro Series range is a very well anticipated range of aquariums, guaranteed to cause a stir in the UK marine aquarium market. Why? The M-Pro range of tanks combine the best features of many different aquariums on the market currently and offers them to consumers at a competitive price!

What makes these tanks unique? Well, let’s start with the thinnest weir on any tank! This allows for an ultra-clean finish, no pipework visible in the aquarium, no pipework at the rear of the aquarium and no ugly weir box in the aquarium! Throw in high spec features such as opti white glass as standard, red plumbing (with gate valve!) and a plastic & aluminium framed cabinet, it's clear to see why these tanks are expected to take the UK by storm.

The M-Pro range of aquariums come complete with a flat packed aluminium framed cabinet which is easily and quickly assembled. The sump comes with adjustable partitions, 4" filter sock integration, float valve, media chamber. The system is also supplied with all pipework. This system operates near silent via the uniquely designed weir and dual outlet system with an additional degassing chamber in the sump, for whisper quiet operation via the tuning outlet valve.

Aquarium Size: 90x55x55cm

Aquarium Volume: 389L

Sump Tank Size: 70 x 43 x 39cm

Glass Thickness: 12mm

What is supplied? Aquarium, Cabinet, Sump & Pipework

Key Features and Benefits:

Opti-White Glass
Unparalleled Clarity
Invisible Weir
Whisper Silent Operation
Red plumbing with gate valve as standard
ATO Reservoir and Float Valve
Flat Packed Aluminium Frame
Water Damage Resistance
High Gloss Finish
870mm Tall Cabinet