Kamoer Reef Master SPA


$1,999.00 $2,099.00

Available in  

1)Reef Master Spa system Only

2)Bundle 1 (Suitable for Calcium Reactor user)

Reef Master Spa system + E1 Modlue + FX-STP2

3)Bundle 2 (Suitable for dosing)

Reef Master Spa system + E1 Modlue + F4PRO

High-precision multi parameter auto tester

  • Dimension: 230* 120* 338mm
  • Weight: About 3350g
  • Control method: Kamoer Remote App, supports Android, iOS
  • Testing parameters: Calcium,magnesium, KH, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate
  • Function: Manually and automatically detect water quality parameters, view detection value history, and push abnormal detection values
  • External interface: CAN communication, WIFI, Bluetooth