Basic features

Auto tuning
All Dosetronic can start to communicate with an Alkatronic, but also works perfectly as a standalone Dosing station without the Alkatronic. The communicating with Alkatronic though, opens up some features that make Dosetronic to something completely new for the market!

Every day it will summarize the dKH trend during that day (and sort out out-layers) and based on that fine-tune and auto correct the basic scheduled dosing schema in Dosetronic, in those pumps you have in ”Alkatronic Mode”. This is something completely new for the hobby, and will make the Balling regime totally auto regulated!

User friendly and intelligent

When setting up the basic schedule you just enter number of dosing occasions and total dose, and DT do the whole schedule for you automatically with 5 min apart each dose. Of course you can after that manual adjust if you temporarily wants more from for instance the Ca channel, or dosing more at day than night etc. All channels can also be totally manual programmed, if you for instance wants to dose traces or something else in very small doses. Most user will use 3(-4) channels for the Balling regime, and you have 2 left for traces, carbon source, etc etc. These channels for other stuff than Balling, you set in Alkatronic mode OFF, and then you control those channels like you want, and those will not respond on dosing actions from Alkatronic, neither be included in the auto correcting algorithms. Its also very easy and user-friendly to do an overall increasing/decreasing of the Balling doses, by just using an ”Overall Adjustment” button, which will change all doses in a matter of %, and thus keep all previous ratios between the channels and doses. No more struggling with manual change on all channels and doses.


Same footprint as the Alkatronic, Dosetronic will be around the half height of an Alkatronic.


Customizable to have the 10 luer connections on either side

Communication with Alkatronic:


Controlled by:

Wifi based app, and cloud.


5, stepper based


0.05 ml