Kamoer ATO One 2 SE


SKU: 6970719750098

  • ATO One 2 is an intelligent water refill device, an upgrade to the ATO One automatic water refill device. ATO One 2 SE is the standard version with a submersible pump, suitable for applications where a water refill container is used. Only need to install the sensor and submersible pump, electricity can be used, no need to set up, the sensor is fixed by magnet, easy to install and adjust the position. Equipped with optical level sensor, the blue optical level sensor is used to monitor the water level to determine whether the water needs to be refilled, and the red optical level sensor is used to prevent the refill water from overflowing. ATO One 2 SE has a wealth of status indicators when the refill water overflows or timeout. When the submersible pump is not inserted or the refill bucket is out of water, the ATO One 2 SE is alerted by an indicator light and buzzer.

Installation, use note.

STEP 1: Install the optical sensor (S1) at the normal water level line and use it as a water fill sensor. Note that the optical level sensor should be kept away from areas with air bubbles, otherwise it will be disturbed causing misjudgment.

STEP 2: Install the optical sensor (S3) above the normal water level line and use it as an overflow prevention sensor. If the water level reaches this position, it means that the fill water optical sensor (S1) has failed and the equipment will alarm and force the fill water pump to stop working.

STEP 3: Connect the pipeline (charge pump - anti-syphon connector - water pipe holder). Be careful to install the anti-syphon fitting inside the recharge bucket and make sure that it is always above the recharge bucket level, if the recharge bucket level is not above the anti-syphon fitting, it will not prevent the siphoning phenomenon; the hose outlet must be above the bottom/main tank level.

STEP 4: Plug the charge pump into the Pump connector. The anti-burnout sensor on the charge pump should be kept up so that it can detect and alert you when the charge bucket is running low and prevent air from entering the submersible pump.

STEP 5: Plug the power adapter into the DC12V connector and power up the power adapter.