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In a single solution, ALL-FOR-REEF contains all the most important minerals that are consumed by the inhabitants of the barrier and to be regularly replenished. In addition to calcium, magnesium and strontium for the growth of hard corals and coralline red algae, ALL-FOR-REEF contains the most important trace elements: iodine, bromine and fluorine for the growth and stabilization of the skeleton of hard corals, sponges and shellfish , selenium, useful for eliminating free radicals, molybdenum and vanadium for the reduction of nitrates. The product does not release additional compounds (such as eg sodium chloride) that can alter the salinity or the ion balance.

500 ml Tropic Marin® ALL-FOR-REEF contain 20,000 mg of calcium; 2800 ° carbonate hardness and 17 mg of iodine.

Tropic Marin® ALL-FOR-REEF is a mineral supplement complete and easy to dose, especially suitable for beginners, but also for the more experienced aquarists who want to simplify the care of their animals.