TLF Two Little Fishies Stax Rocks 40lbs

Two Little Fishies


  • Flat Porous Natural Limestone

STAX is flat, porous oolitic limestone for building layered aquascapes in marine or freshwater aquariums. Provides a stable structure and limitless creative fun! Avoid introducing pests and create the aquascape of your dreams.
Each box contains an assortment of rock sizes.

  • Flat Porous oolitic limestone, cut on both sides for ease of stacking
  • 100% natural, never any chemicals or additives
  • Sustainably collected
  • For Marine or Freshwater
  • Provides stable structure and limitless creative fun
  • Use with mortar to make open, gravity defying structures with lots of horizontal surface for attaching live corals
  • Average size 3″-5″, approx. 1″ thick
  • Perfect for building a Nano scape or adding to your existing structures, reef safe and ready to go into any aquarium