TDO Chroma Boost

Reef Nutrition


TDO Chroma Boost-


  • Extra Small:  0.580- 0.840mm  
  • Small 0.84- 1.410mm
  • Medium 1.7mm 
  • Large 2.3mm

TDO Chroma Boost is professional japanese fish feed "top-dressed" with Haematococcus (which provides an excellent source of astaxanthin) for vibrant color and superior nutrition.

-Resealable spout ensures maximum freshness and quality
-Foil bag seals out moisture and oxygen scavengers
-No unwanted fillers or additives
-Contains only the necessary ingredients for healthy fish, high growth rate and bright colors
-State of the art pellet manufacturing keeps your tank clean and clear
-High quality fishmeal protein for easy digestion and feed conversion
-Beneficial for all life stages
-Professional hatchery feed and an affordable price
-Careful handling and prompt distribution with constant refrigeration maximizes freshness