Red Sea ReefATO+ kit for Reefer Aquarium (no corner bracket)

Red Sea



This exceptionally reliable auto top-off system includes a highly accurate temperature monitor plus an external leak detector and comes with a smart controller that connects it to the ReefBeat eco-system

The ReefATO+ has a solid-state water level sensor with an array of titanium probes that pinpoint if the water is above, below, or at the desired level. This comes together with a microprocessor-controlled extra-quiet pump and multiple safety features, including an auto-shutdown mechanism if the pump is running for too long or running dry. 

Each fill is completed within a precise 3mm band, keeping the water volume and salinity nice & stable. In addition, the higher-level backup probes only react when the ATO pump is on, so routine water fluctuations, such as when using roller filters or turning off the return pump, will not trigger any false alarms. The water level sensor also includes an accurate digital thermometer that has been pre-calibrated to 0.1 degrees, which provides a full log and high/low-temperature notifications. 

The ReefATO+ also includes a highly sensitive, Reef-Spec leak detector that will send you a notification and even switch off ReefBeat-connected pumps if an RO or seawater leak is detected. 

The ReefATO+ is part of the ReefBeat ecosystem, so it has lots of smart features such as disabling the auto-fill during maintenance work and water changes or switching off the ReefRun pumps if a leak is detected.

Existing Red Sea REEFER system owners can purchase a dedicated ReefATO+ upgrade kit (at a discounted price), which is a drop-in replacement for the standard gravity-fed float valve system. 

ReefATO+ features:

  • Fail-proof (solid-state) water level sensor with built-in safety shutoff.
  • Quiet, 12 VDC variable flow (6–10w) ATO pump - 1.8” diameter opening, max flow 75 gph, max head 8’.
  • Magnetic sensor mounting bracket for up to ½” glass (not included in upgrade kit).
  • 10-foot silicone tubing with siphon-breaker and splash-free tube holder with securing lock-nuts.
  • REEF-SPEC titanium RO/seawater leak detector with an audible alarm.
  • On-line temperature sensor ±0.1° precision.
  • Detailed top-off and temperature logs.
  • RO reservoir volume monitor.
  • Integration with ReefBeat’s Feed / Maintenance / Emergency Quick Actions.