Nyos Goldpods 250ml



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NYOS GOLDPODS is a liquid zoological plankton concentrate which contains arctic copepods

  • High-quality raw materials
  • Can be used directly
  • No defrosting necessary
  • Easy to use
  • For fish and LPS corals

 Technical Details
Content: 250ml
Species: Calanus finmarchicus (ca. 20mm)
Usage: Can be fed directly

With NYOS GOLDPODS you get a liquid zoological plankton concentrate from the pure waters of the Arctic seas, which can be used directly. GOLDPODS contain the calanoid copepods Calanus finmachicus (2 mm in size). This provides ideal nutrition for numerous sensitive seawater fish and LPS corals.

High quality raw materials form the basis:

The secret of NYOS® GOLDPODS is in the top quality raw material. The fresh-caught copepods are processed by a special method developed at a Norwegian University. This patent-pending method deactivates autolytic enzymes that would further disintegrate valuable substances such as fatty acids and proteins. Furthermore, the copepods are coated with an ultra-thin membrane made of natural marine components. This prevents successfully the release of important nutrients.

  • Extremely practical and time-saving in its application: It can be added directly to the tank with the enclosed dosing cup or pipette. Thawing is unnecessary.