Nearth Start Up Plus



NEarth Startup Plus contains nitrifying bacteria to break down and consume organic wastes thus improve water quality, eliminates harmful substances, unpleasant smells and effectively reduces water pollution, providing you with crystal clear water.
  • Startup Plus helps to avoid nutrient spikes. It is capable to enhance consistency and stability of water quality, making livestock significantly more energetic, active and present their most beautiful colours.
  • The ability of the preparation reduces phosphates, promoting healthy aquarium growth.
  • Startup Plus also reduces harmful bacteria growth and takes on the role in combating bacterial infections by improving the vitality of the livestock, thus allowing them to recover more quickly in the event of an infection.
  • When adding new inhabitants, Startup Plus helps to minimize losses. Brown slime algae can also be reduced with continuous usage.
  • For saltwater aquarium: Corals reacts by showing an improvement polyp extrusion and a more distinct coloration.
  • Results:
    • Break down organic wastes Improves water quality
    • Avoid nutrient spikes Reduce harmful bacteria growth
    • Improves vitality of livestock
    • Reduce brown slime algae
  • Directions: 
  1. Place 1 sachet (Do not cut it open) to every 100 litres of aquarium water volume into a filter sock. 
  2. Place sock into sump or directly into aquarium at a high flow area. 
  3. Replace sachet every 7 days. 

LIVE PRODUCT: Store in a cool dry place. Use the NEarth packaging provided. Do not expose to sunlight or freeze the product. Each sachet contains nitrifying bacteria enough for 100 litres of water for (7) days. Replacing according to instructions ensures bacteria to colonize in your aquarium.

For use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Keep out of reach of children.

Packing size: 20 sachets. (Good for 2000 litres of water)