NEarth Copepod - 50ml



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NEarth Copepod

Having difficulties feeding livestock that are picky eaters? Fishes that only feeds on live pods? Try our freshly cultured frozen copepods, they will not be able to tell the difference! (e.g: Dragonet, Batfish, Quarantine livestock, crayfish, shrimps, crabs and more!) Does not dirty your water nor create nutrient spikes as our frozen copepod are captive bred and cultured in a controlled environment using RO/DI water, completely free of parasites.

Copepod are an ideal food for both freshwater and saltwater livestock. These rich zooplankton provide a good source of protein, carotenoid (enhance colouration) lipids (Vitamins A,D,E,K and energy) and astaxanthin (promotes health).

Ingredients: Copepods only (No addictive)

Nutritional facts:
Crude Protein Min: 58.1%
Crude Fat Min: 16.3%
Crude Fiber Max: 3.8%
Crude Ash Max: 9.7%
Carbohydrate Max: 10.2%
Moisture Max: 5.7%


1 ml of pods to 100 Litres of water directly into aquarium once or twice a day.

*Feeding quantity depends on the number of livestock. Good for both broadcast and target feeding.

Storage: Freezer (12-18 months after opening). Expiry date indicated at the back of packaging.

After feeding: Store in chiller. (Good for 3 months after opening) No need to store back into freezer after feeding unless necessary.

Suitable for Freshwater and Saltwater feeders.

Packing size: 50ml