Maxspect Jump MJ-L130 LED Lighting System



The best things come in small packages.

Our latest addition to the Jump Series

  • Full aluminum body with matte finish for a high-end aesthetics.
  • Passive cooling design makes the fixture runs completely silent.
  • Fully sealed build for maximum safety.

  • Three photo-period programs to choose from.
  • Inline controller with multiple one-touch photo-period programs.

Standard edition offers specialized color spectrum for SPS, LPS and soft corals

SPS Thrive AB+ Spectrum


Refugium edition offers specialized color spectrum for different species of macroalgae


SUIT FOR TANK: 30-50cm / 11 3/4" - 19 1/2"  

WEIGHT (LED UNIT): 845g / 29.8oz 

DIMENSION (LED UNIT):  242x124x28.5mm / 9 1/2"x 4 3/4" x 1 1/4"