Maxspect Jump LED MJ-L165



  • The Maxspect Jump LED 165 is a new lighting fixture which aims to deliver a great and affordable reef aquarium light. The MJL-165 shares a lot of similarities with the Maxspect Ethereal LED but like the Jump Skimmer, has some pared down features to concentrate its value. 
  • At ‘only’ 65 watts the Maxspect Jump L165 is not going to be a PAR powerhouse, but it does have a reasonable amount of LEDs to efficiently distribute its lighting power.

  • The 24 LEDs represent mostly a blueish spectrum, forgoing red & green diodes and focusing instead on the blue, royal blue, and ultraviolet wavelengths. The remaining third of the LEDs are a pragmatic balance of cool and warm white chips to balance out the blue light, and fill in where the red and greens would complete the spectrum. 

  • Like the Ethereal LED, the mounting arm of the MJL-165 is a unique approach to versatility, offering a wide range of light positions over the aquarium. Seasoned Maxspect users will be familiar with all the controls since the Syna-G mobile app is used to connect and program the six channels of color control. 

  • Interestingly the MJL-165 has some notable improvements over the Ethereal since it does not require a wireless hub to be connected via your local router.
  • There’s also a feature Maxspect is calling “Full-Spectrum with Multi-Phase Color Temperature Technology” which is a fancy way of saying that power is intelligently redistributed for maximum output, no matter your programmed spectrum. 
  • Model MJ-L165
    Rate Power 65w
    Suit for Tank 30 - 60cm/12" - 24"
    (LED Module)
    (Stand not included)