MarinePure GEMs, 90g



MarinePure™ GEMs.

The MarinePure GEM is a ¾” diameter part that will be the perfect biological media for canister filters. It also fits in hang-on-the-back filters and other nano-tank systems. One package has enough media to support an aquarium of up to 70 gallons (each MarinePure GEM has 2 square meters [21.5 square feet] of surface area). The GEMs have the same porosity as our popular MarinePure SPHERES. Their unique combination open-flow porosity and high surface area means one 3.2 oz box of these little beauties is packed with over 1,450 square feet (135 square meters) of accessible surface area. They will be the perfect solution for ammonia and nitrite elimination, and most users will also see better control of nitrates.

High-Performance Biofilter Media for Nano Tanks!

Inert and chemically stable, MarinePure Gems are a great addition to any aquarium that needs more biofiltration. Bacteria prefer to grow on surfaces, and by adding more surface area in your aquarium, you will give more space for beneficial bacteria to grow and proliferate which can help reduce nutrients and maintenance. The Gems can be placed anywhere under water, in the sump, back chambers of an All-In-One aquarium, inside overflows, or anyplace where a decent amount of flow around the Gems would be present. 


Average Gem Size - 18 mm - 20 mm


For Tanks up to 70 Gallons

  • Open porosity
  • 1,450 in2 of surface area per box
  • Lowers tank maintenance
  • Does not create a mini-cycle
  • Stable & inert
  • Can be placed almost anywhere