Glue Onz Plant & Coral Fix 20G



Glue Onz Plants & Coral Fix 20g

 Glue Onz Plants & Coral Fix is specially developed for aquarium landscaping.The adhesive is suitable for seawater coring, coral and live stone. It is also suitable for freshwater cylinder, water, grass and sticky stone. 100% import raw materials, credit guarantee!

At present, the adhesive used by fish friends is actually used as industrial raw materials in other industries, non aquarium special, many fish friends often have the phenomenon of coral bleaching and whitening of molt at the bottom of the coral

  • A 100%imported raw materials, non domestic production!
  • Can be used in air or under water.
  • A has no harmful substance release, such as chemical pollution or heavy metal pollution. 100% pairs of coral, no
  • Invertebrates,fish, and water and grass are safe. Q 10 seconds curing,

Matters needing attention:

  1. can not be used in the human body.
  2. away from the fire.
  3. it is harmless to skin contact. It can be washed with hot water.