Fauna Marin Balling Salt – Carbonate KH

Fauna Marin


Fauna Marin Balling Light method consists of

  • Calcium Chloride-dihydrate
  • Magnesium Chloride-hexahydrate
  • Sodium Bicarbonate

We recommend maintaining a Alkalinity value between 6.5 – 8 dkH.
Test regularly with the highly accurate Fauna Marin dkH test kit.

Calculating dosage amount 
When starting with your first dose, we recommend a baseline dose of 1ml per 3-4 gallons.
You can also calculate the recommended dosage for your tank by using the Aquacalculator. This handy tool can be downloaded at www.aquacalculator.com.
It will provide you with a dosage calculation based on your current tank volume and current tank parameters.
Aqua Calculator is the only online tool which provides accurate dosage recommendations based on the original Balling-Light recipe.

Other calculators provide dosage recommendations based on the classic recipe which is different and therefore incorrect for this system.

Recommended dosing schedule 
The more often you dose, the more stable your parameters can become. For that reason we recommend you calculate your daily dose and split it into multiple doses throughout the day. For automated dosing, we recommend the GHL Doser 2.1 which is an ideal dosing unit for this method.

Additional information 
If you feel that you need additional trace elements, please use Fauna Marin Color Elements. With these elements, you can intensify coral coloration and stimulate growth.

Mixing Instructions 
Dissolve 500 g of Sodium Bicarbonate mixture into 4 L of RO water and then fill the 5 L canister with osmosis water.
Then add: 25 ml of Ultra Trace B Health Elements (3) – Iodine/flour complex to the canister. Shake well.