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Bacto Reef Balls are the first of its kind to feature active gel balls for marine aquariums. Each Reef Ball is packed with marine bacteria and enzymes, which are steadily released into the water column. Such act enables bacteria, enzymes and the corresponding bacteria supply to be depot-controlled for the first time. Long-chain biopolymers, which dissolve slowly in seawater serve as a basis for this. They are the key compounds that release the stored bacteria and enzymes. This characteristic occurs automatically and is supplied in the correct proportions. Bacto Reef Balls are designed to dissolve completely in about 2-3 weeks. The amount of time it will take for the balls to dissolve will depend on the amount of nutrients in the aquarium water. The flow rate going through the balls also play a role in the ball’s lifespan. Due to the quantity of balls needed for a single dosage, the required dosage can easily be adjusted to suit the needs of your aquarium.

Estimated Duration of Dosages by Container Size

A 100 ml container contains about 110 Bacto Reef Balls (BRB). With an average dose of 2-3 BRB per 100 liters (26 US Gallon) and a duration of 14 days, a 100 liter (26 US Gallon) aquarium can be supplied for up to 70 weeks. For expected dosage duration, please refer to the information below:

● 100 ml container can supply a 100 liter (26 US Gallon) aquarium for 70 weeks

● 250 ml container can supply a 250 liter (66 US Gallon) aquarium for 70 weeks

● 500 ml container can supply a 500 liter (132 US Gallon) aquarium for 70 weeks

By following the average dosage, your aquarium will undergo a slight nutrient reduction and/or become more stabilized. This dosage amount will also ensure sufficient detritus breakdown. The above calculated averages are, of course, subject to the aquarium’s nutrient fluctuations. With high nutrient content and strong flow, the spheres dissolve more rapidly and therefore significantly increase the demand for more BRB. It is important to supply your aquarium with the correct dosage and also find proper placement for the BRB. If a greater effect is desired, the dosage must be increased.