Ecotech Vectra Battery Backup Booster Cable



The Ecotech Marine Vectra Battery Backup Booster will plug in directly between the controller on the Vectra series of pumps and the battery backup allowing your aquarium system to have flow in the event of a power outage.

  • Connects in seconds
  • Essential in case of a power outage
  • Auto On/Off mode conserves battery


Allows the Vectra M1 or Vectra L1 to be used with the Ecotech Battery Backup. Having your return pump on a battery backup system will let your tank have full circulation, even when there is no power to the rest of the tank. Oxygen can be depleted within a matter of hours in a reef tank, and keeping your return pump running lets your display tank stay oxygenated, as well as your sump.


The runtime of the Vectra series of return pumps when being powered by the Ecotech Marine Battery Backup can be influenced by a number of different factors, some you cannot control, and some you can. When the Vectra pump is connected to, and is powered by the Ecotech Battery Backup that will allow you to calibrate your Vectra pump, setting the flow, and even On/Off intervals conserving battery and keeping your tank running longer.


Note: Only compatible with the Ecotech Vectra S1, Vectra M1 or Vectra L1 Return Pumps. Use with other Ecotech products can and will cause damage.