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Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes


  • 100% Natural, biological Phosphate removal……No Heavy Metals
  • Effectively Reduces Phosphate in Freshwater and Seawater
  • Easy and Convenient use…..No daily feedings or dosing’s
  • No effect on pH or Alkalinity
  • Massively reduces the need for water changes

Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes is the world’s first solid carbohydrate based phosphate remover that naturally removes phosphate from both freshwater and seawater. Unlike competing products that use heavy metals to remove phosphate, Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes uses Redfield’s Ratio to remove Phosphate. Using this all natural method gives far greater performance over competing product. Unlike pellets, Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes is a “point-of-source” treatment which prevents system crashes occurring.


The biomass created by Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes contains no ferric oxide / hydroxide and is completely non-toxic. In fact, the biomass created by the heterotrophic bacteria is also a great source of nutrition for corals and other filter feeders such as clams. Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes requires virtually no maintenance and does not require an expensive fluidized media reactor to operate

Before installing your Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes  Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes must be used in conjunction with Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes Original or Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes Titanium at a ratio of 3ml per litre of aquarium water. Before installing Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes, allow the Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes Original or Titanium to fully mature (approximately 12 to 14 days) and that Nitrate levels are undetectable.


Systems that have very heavy organic waste loads should be cleaned thoroughly, in particular, the gravel beds (including under the rocks) as well as the filters. DSB’s can also be a source of Phosphate when overloaded with organic wastes and should be cleaned regularly. Live rock that has not been cured properly can also leach large amounts of Phosphate. We recommend using the “Water Washer” by MAELSTROM Aquatic Systems to thoroughly clean your aquarium. It allows you to give your aquarium a super clean without having to change large amounts of water. Water-Washer removes organic wastes as well as green and brown slime algae and cyano bacteria.

Directions for Use


For low Phosphate levels (Below 0.75ppm) add 0.5ml per litre. For high Phosphate levels (Above 0.75ppm) add 1ml per litre of aquarium water. For very high Phosphate levels (Above 2ppm) it is recommended that you use Phospha-Guard GFH DARK-ICE instead.

Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes can be added together with the Nitra-Guard Bio-Cubes Original or Titanium in the same media bag. Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes will mature between 12 to 14 days. Increase dosage by 0.50ml if required every 10 to 14 days. Once desired Phosphate level has been achieved, maintain Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes levels as required.

Available Sizes: 250ml / 500ml / 1lts