INNOVATIVE MARINE - DIY Aquarium Self-Leveling Mat

Innovative Marine


DIY Aquarium 
Self-Leveling Mat

When it comes to showcasing your aquarium on a stand, it is extremely vital that your tank is level. An uneven and unleveled surface can cause an aquarium to fail over time. Prevent disaster and decrease the stress with the Innovative Marine DIY Rubber Self-Leveling Mat.

Luckily, the Innovative Marine DIY Self-Leveling Mat provides you with an ultra-thick black rubber mat made of the highest grade materials that can quickly be adhered atop of any stand or bottom of any aquarium, absorbing and evenly distributing its weight, making it level.  Because of its strength, this mat has been tested to withstand over 2000lbs for 3 years (and still going) without losing its original thickness. 

Installing it on your aquarium/stand couldn’t be easier thanks to its adhesive back that smoothly attaches itself. This Self-leveling Mat is totally customizable, and can fit nearly any framed or rimless tank out there. An added benefit is that it protects more than just your aquarium; it delivers a safe haven for your stand or furniture, preventing any scratches or dents.


  1. Self-Leveling/stabilizing
  2. 5mm thick
  3. Adhesive backing
  4. Cut to fit
  5. High quality rubber foam
  6. Durable against water and saltwater creep
  7. For framed and rimless aquariums
  8. Prevents scratching on furniture
  9. Place on either tank or stand
  10. Available in four sizes: 24”x24”, 36”x24”, 48”x24” and 72”x24”