Arctica Mini Titanium Aquarium Chiller [1/15 Hp - DBI-050]


SKU: DBI-050


Enhancing the Nano-Experience
JBJ introduces the revolutionary NANO & MINI Arctica Chillers! Finally, there is a REAL long-term solution for heat concerns in Nano environments with amazing cooling capabilities beyond thermal-electric and fans, that produce less than minimal results. 

The Arctica Chillers are offered in (2) models: The Nano-Arctica handles up to 25gal & the Mini-Arctica handles up to 40gal aquariums. Don`t be fooled by the smaller size. These are driven by energy efficient 1/15 Hp compressors that can drop temperatures beyond anything comparable in the market! 

A Tradition of Excellence
You can be rest assured that this smaller compact version incorporates the same high performance and reliable day to day operations as our # 1 selling aquarium chillers, commercial chillers, and custom OEM projects with the premium Arctica branded name. 

Screening Process
All chillers require clean air flow to achieve optimal efficiency, we`ve now made it easier with a removal screen for quick and easy cleaning. 

A New Generation 
The industry`s first Nano Chiller that utilizes a nano compressor for maximum cooling capacity. The Arctica Nano & Mini chillers simply put, OUTPERFORM thermal electric/peltier equipment since it utilizes R-134-A refrigerant gas to drop temperatures with ease. Truly the BENCHMARK of mini chillers!  

Quiet... Please
We know noise is a concern, so we`ve designed the chiller with that in mind. The Nano & Mini Arctica Series have the lowest noise and vibration level in its` class. 

Dial In
Is equipped with an integrated analog temperature controller and probe with a +/- 1°F differenece from the set point. Simply turn the dial to your desired temperature setting and our controller will do the rest. 

Temperature Setting Range

Stay Alert
Controllers are equipped with a malfunction ALARM system. A visible LED signals any problems with the chiller`s performance. 

Style & Elegance
Designed for in-home use, with a contemporary style and luxury finish. An added welcome to any room in the house without the commercial look. 

Size Matters
The smallest footprint in the Arctica Line-up. The Nano & Mini Series only require a 7.72" x 12.6" space for placement.  

Model: Mini Arctica 
Horsepower: 1/15hp  
Tank Capacity: 40gal 
Min-Max Flow: 110-160gph 
Power: 115V-1PH-60Hz  
Refrigerant: R-134a 
Heat Exchanger: Titanium 
Dimensions: 12.6" (L) x 7.72" (W) x 14.1" (H) 
Weight: 28.66lbs 

Warranty: 2 Years