Aquaforest Rock -(Arch/ Base/ Shelf/ Mix )



Aquaforest Rocks are an artificial alternative to natural live rock designed from a lightweight and highly porous material that is easy to cut, arrange, and combine using Stone Fix for hassle-free aqua scaping. The porous nature of AF Rocks makes them the perfect filtration medium and habitat for beneficial bacteria, supporting biochemical processes and ensuring long-term biological balance in your tank. The product has been thoroughly laboratory tested to ensure that no undesirable chemicals are released into the water. The calcium carbonate content of the rocks will help to stabilize your tank’s pH and KH, which in turn will facilitate the calcification of coral skeletons for faster growth.

  • Artificial rock created from natural, lightweight ingredients
  • Resembles natural live rock, but without the unwanted pests
  • Free from contaminants, algae, parasites, and other harmful and invasive organisms
  • High porosity to facilitate bacteria settlement (combine with Bio S for fast maturation)
  • Doubles as filtration media
  • Easily bonds with AF Stone Fix
  • Will not leach unwanted chemicals into water
  • Stabilizes pH and KH


Instructions for Use:

Rinse rocks in RO water prior to placing them in your tank. If using in a freshwater aquarium, AF Rock should only be used in water with pH level above 7.0. Due to the high porosity, the rock may break during transport. Rock fragments can be rejoined using Stone Fix.

What's Included? 

Several flat shelf-like rock pieces, suitable for building platforms and coral displays in any reef aquascape.


Created from fully natural ingredients, the highest quality rock designed for marine aquariums. High aesthetics and hand-made manufacturing process, make AF Rock resemble natural rock from coral reefs. Due to the high porosity, it facilitates bacteria settlement and works perfectly as a filtration media. Unlike the rocks commonly found on the market, AF Rock was intended for efficient filtration process.

The use of the best, ecological and fully safe pigments allowed to create a rock with highly decorative qualities. AF Rock does not harm the environment and unlike live rock it is free from contaminants, unwanted algae and parasites. Contrary to the live rock, the use of AF Rock is free of harmful and invasive organisms such as valonia, aiptasia, dinoflagellate, Bryopsis, AEFW and undesirable crabs.

The composition of the rock provides optimal conditions for the development of marine life and is completely safe for the inhabitants of the aquarium. AF Rock is an ideal medium for bacteria settlement, so it supports biochemical processes and guarantees long-term biological balance in the tank. The rock will continuously support filtration processes, stabilize parameters and facilitate the development of marine life.

The rock can be cut and broken, as well as freely combined using Stone Fix. Hand-made manufacturing process of AF Rock guarantees the uniqueness of each of the sets, and also ensures the exclusive shape of each element. High porosity ensures low weight and an excellent weight to volume ratio. Due to this, AF Rock is much lighter than other rocks available on the market.

The product was thoroughly tested in the laboratory, doesn’t release undesired chemicals into the water. It stabilizes the pH and KH of water, which greatly facilitates the calcification of skeletons and allows faster growth of corals, which in stable parameters build harder and healthier skeletons. It facilitates the settlement of beneficial microorganisms and significantly shortens the process of maturation of the aquarium, especially when using Bio S bacteria. It quickly covers with the desired in the aquarium coralline algae. In a freshwater aquarium, AF Rock can only be used in water with pH level above 7.0. Rinse rock in RO water before placing in tank. Due to the high porosity, the rock may break during transport, the rock fragments should be joined using Stone Fix.