Aqua Craft Products 9 - Sr & MoTM (Strontium & Molybdate), 474ml

Aqua Craft

SKU: 033767205005

Strontium & Molybdenum are essential minor components / elements/ ion in natural sea water (NSW). Sr. is found at about 8 ppm. in NSW. Strontium (Sr) has a natural interaction with calcium. Molybdenum, along with other minor elements plays an important role with the stability of close marine systems via natural nitrification. ACPTM Sr & MoTM is a unique blend of concentrated pH balanced, bio-availableTM, and bio-activeTM high purity forms of these essential elements. ACPTM Sr + MoTM replaces various essential forms of both of these ions that are consumed by captive marine life in their normal metabolic process. Multiple forms of essentials are employed as they are found in NSW. ACPTM Sr + MoTM is a professionally formulated marine aquarium supplement that naturally balances both Sr & Mo.