Aqua Craft Products 5, Potassium, 474ml

Aqua Craft

SKU: 033767165002

Potassium is an essential major component / element / ion in natural sea water (NSW). Potassium is found at about 390 parts per million (ppm) at 77F / 25C at a salinity of 35 parts per thousand (ppt) or a specific gravity of 1.026. ACPTM Potassium K+ is a unique blend of highly concentrated forms of pH balanced, bio-availableTM, and bio-activeTM high purity potassium. ACPTM Potassium K+ replaces various essential forms of potassium that are consumed by captive marine life in their normal metabolic process. Multiple forms of essential potassium are employed as they are found in NSW. ACPTM Potassium K+ is ideal to maintain and accelerate coral growth along with coloration and natural health. Maintain ACPTM K+ at 390 ppm. for sea water duplication. This is ideal for marine fish and various sea plants and algae. Maintain K+ at 405 ppm. for reef aquariums. Avoid adjusting potassium over 430 ppm.