SUNSUN Aquarium Glass Heater JRB230 - 300 Watts

Madpetz Aquatic Studio llp


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Having an aquarium heater on hand is extremely useful! Great tool to use for fishes that fall sick and requires the temperature to be bumped up for them to recover!

- 33cm Height
- Adjustable temperature between 20 to 34 Degree Celsius
- Compact and Reliable Quality
- Preset Temperature
- High Quality Heating Element
- For Marine & Fresh Water Aquarium - Fully Submersible
- 300 Watts is suitable for tanks that are up to 5ft
- UK 2 pin plug (local)

Other Sizes Available:
100W - Up to 3ft tanks
200W - Up to 4ft tanks
300W - Up to 5ft tanks
(If you are using heaters for 6ft and up, you may wish to purchase 2 units of the 300 watts model. You may still use a single unit but it may not be as effective in bumping up the temperature)

- Before removing heater from aquarium, disconnect from electrical outlet and allow heater to cool in aquarium for 15minutes
- The heater should NEVER be connected to an electrical outlet while out of the aquarium