Microbe-Lift Thera P



Provides a natural aquarium ecosystem, for better overall fish health and improved water quality


  • Chemical free 
  • Increases resistance to pathogens and parasites 
  • Establishes and maintains symbiotic microbial populations 
  • Biologically supports a healthy aquarium eco-system which results in a beneficial breeding environment 
  • Stimulates fish's immune system 
  • Promotes fish growth 
  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels 
  • Aids respiration and gas exchange 
  • Oxidizes both ammonia and nitrites. Also reduces nitrates 
  • Beneficial when overpopulation exists 
  • Reduces environmental stress 
  • Digests fish waste 
  • Seeds and helps maintain biological filters 
  • Compatible with most aquarium flora and fauna 
  • Effective over a wide range of pH conditions 
  • Will not significantly alter the mineral balance of the aquarium water 
  • Eliminates noxious odors 

Marine Tanks
*Saltwater environments - the bacteria in this product will remain effective when used in marine environments with a specific gravity of 1.017 to 1.025. In new marine tanks, add the aquarium salt mix and allow the water to circulate for 24 hours, then check and adjust the density. Add the bacteria after the water has circulated for the 24-hour period.

Saltwater oceans are a highly stable environment with very little fluctuation in pH. The ocean waters dilute fish waste and organic matter. The bacteria in MICROBE-LIFT/TheraP provides the assistance needed to break down the decaying organic matter and cycle certain elements, e.g. carbon and nitrogen, etc. which may build up in your tank.

MICROBE-LIFT/TheraP has a hydrogen sulfide odor, which will dissipate quickly.

Dosage rate: Treats 30gal for up to 16 weeks.

Shake Well Before Using

Continue until all signs of disease are eliminated.

Add the bacteria directly to your tank or filter.

Note: Saltwater slows down bacterial action. For faster results add 25%-50% more product.

These bacteria are compatible with biological filters and UV lights. The UV lights should be turned off for 48-72 hours after the introduction of this product. This will allow the bacteria to progress through their most active growth stage.

MICROBE-LIFT/TheraP works well with activated carbon and is compatible with copper based products.

The suggested dosage rates may be adjusted to accommodate the fish population in your aquarium. Heavy chlorine and chloramines and some fish medications may have an adverse effect on the effectiveness of this product.

Wait 72 hours after adding medications (antibiotics) before adding the bacteria.

This product is not a medication and should not be used to treat advanced stage infections or disease. It should be used primarily as a preventative.

All MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products may be used together. However when using multiple MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products, reduce the dosage rate of the 2nd product by 50%. After administering the bacteria, monitor your pH.

Since each bottle of MICROBE-LIFT is grown individually, color variations may exist from bottle to bottle. These variations in color are not indicative of variations in product quality. Any floating particles present are suspended biofilm which slough off the sides of the bottle. Dimpling or expansion of the container is caused by pressure differences resulting from temperature variations due to the fact that the bottle is sealed

Shelf Life

  • Unopened - 2 years 
  • Opened - 1 year 

The bacteria in this bottle must remain in this original bottle or it may lose its effectiveness if transferred to another container.

This product is NOT a chemical. It is harmless to humans, animals, fish and plants. Since we cannot control the pre-existing dynamics of individual aquaria, the above information and instructions are subject to many variables. Many situations may be unique in nature.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use internally. If contact is made with open wounds, wash with soap and water.