Kamoer X4 Plus Dosing Pump


$342.40 $428.00

Kamoer X4 Plus Dosing Pump


Compact appearance, elegant, powerful
Equipped with LCD screen and key, both stand-alone operation, and support iOS/Android app and windows PC client control dosing pump via WIFI
Contains real-time clock, automatically run according to the setting parameters, the parameters are not lost in the case of power failure 1-24 dosing times a day can be set, support every other day, every two days and the specified week day dosing
Support the flow rate calibration
Standard Pharmed BPT®pump tube, long life, heat resistance, acid, ozone and UV rays, anti-aging and oxidation, no cytotoxicity and hemolysis
Optional temperature and liquid level sensor to monitor temperature and level status
Remote control can be achieved by access to kamoer aquarium cloud via kamoer intelligent controller

X4 Dosing Pump unit
4 x Pump Head
Power Adapter
4 x 3x5mm PVC Tubing
10ml plastic cylinder
Temperature Sensor
Suction Cup for temperature sensor mounting
Tube rack for fixing the outlet
Pump holder used to suspend the pump
Pump bracket assembly
Quick connect instruction to provide the way to download software and view tutorial
X4 Plus Dosing Pump User Manual

X4 Plus Dosing Pump Product Manual