Kamoer FX-STP dosing pump



Adjustable Flow Rate from 1mL to 120mL per minute, continuously!

Made for calcium reactors, denitrators, gradual water changes, or any other fluid that you need to continuously transfer to your aquarium. 

The Kamoer FX-SP is compact and quiet, but the biggest feature is the ability to change the flow rate while it is running. 

You can change the flow anywhere from 1mL/min all the way up to 120mL/min depending on your application. 

High Precision Stepper Motor
Easy to Calibrate
On-Board Memory 
Perfect for Precise Dosing
Best Solution for Calcium Reactors
Adjustable Flow Rate
Replaceable PharMed Tubing
Knowing how much you are dosing is easy with the onboard display. As you turn the flow adjustment dial, 
the Kamoer FX-STP's display will show you how much liquid is being pushed through the dosing pump and how fast. 
Calibration is easy too, just match the dosed amount with the RPM count and you are good to go. 
Dimensions - 5.25" L x 3.25" W x 5" H
Min Flow Rate - 1mL per minute
Max Flow Rate - 120 mL per minute
PharMed Tubing Life - 2000 Hours
Pump Tubing Size - 1/8" ID